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PXL in LA #7 - Bel Air

Posted on February 21 2013

OK, so we'll hit you up with some of our Instagram shots - pretty *ish hot if I say so my damn self!

We where over there working on a project for a big footwear brand. We took our good friend Charlie Sloth over to check the scene and do a load of interviews, photos and video...

So this is a shot of the villa we hired on the 2nd day. It has some of the best views in Bel Air (a neighbourhood which has the best views in LA). the villa had some of the weirdest paintings i've seen - all a bit creepy, pool - freezing but hey - we only hired it for 12 hours... bit of video and gone!

That there is yours truly smoking Hamlets with THE man Charlie Sloth...

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  • Sri: January 02, 2014

    Ok If I only had 5 minutes to get ready, I would coohse a khol liner for my water line and top lid to make my eyes pop. I’d use a shimmery plum blush to highlighting, defining and contouring (I can also use some for my eyes too) and a nude lipstick with a pink undertone, great for night or day and can be layered to bring the drama lol. Lipstick can double as an eye primer in desperate situations, too. lol

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